Leather Wallet Care and Maintenance: 7 Steps You Need to Know
March 13, 2024

When investing in a sturdy and durable wallet that will protect your cards, money, and other valuable items, you take your time to find the right one. Now that you have it, though, you need to protect your investment by ensuring it stands the test of time.

The care and maintenance of your wallet is something that is often overlooked (if it’s thought about at all). However, when it is made from real leather, care is something that should be considered and carried out.

1. The important do’s and don’ts

Before diving into the techniques and actual how-to when it comes to cleaning, you should know that there are some very important things to remember, do, and avoid when it comes to protecting your high-quality, real full-grain cow leather wallets.

These will help to ensure the longevity of the wallet and keep it supple and looking healthy.


  • Keep a soft cloth with you to wipe it down.
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight as often as possible.
  • When not in use, store it upright and flat and in a dry place to prevent warping.


  • Get it wet. Make sure that the wallet is dried as quickly as possible, but avoid high heat.
  • Use harsh chemicals.
  • Store it in humid environments.
  • Use coloured materials, such as paper or cloth, to clean it; this can lead to staining and discoloration.

This will help you to keep your wallet looking its best, functioning well, and outlive its competitors.

2. Use a softer touch

Genuine leather has many high-end qualities that make it a perfect material for creating durable and functioning items. However, it also attracts dirt and grime, and can absorb the natural oils from our hands.

Keeping a clean, soft cloth close to your hand allows you to gently wipe down the outside, preventing the build up of such elements that can cause damage. Even using a soft-bristled brush for those stubborn dirt spots will remove the problem without damaging the leather.

Do not use any harsh chemicals or hard-bristle brushes as this will break down the leather, leaving it dull, rough, and frayed, thus removing the vintage look and style. It will also cause the wallet to disintegrate before its time.

3. Apply leather conditioner and wax

Once a week, the wallet should be gently cleaned, and a leather conditioner should be applied.

Cheap conditioners can often contain harsh chemicals, so while the leather will look good, it may only be for a short time before it fades away and falls apart. A good-quality leather conditioner will cost more, but will protect the materials, keeping them soft, durable, and sturdy for years to come, fighting off the signs of aging.

On a monthly basis, use a small amount of professional, high-quality leather wax to work with the conditioner to keep the wallet healthy and even waterproof.

4. Keep sharp objects at bay

While a distinguished gentleman doesn’t typically make a habit of carrying their wallet with anything sharp, unfortunate things can happen.

If you are concerned that the wallet has been in contact with a sharp object, check it over to see if there has been any damage. The main areas of concern are the lining and the stitching.

While high-end stitching is used, as it adds to the durability of the wallet, it should be checked to ensure it is not frayed or cut. The lining should be examined for the same damage, as this will impact the safety of your cards and other items.

In the event that there is damage, do not try to repair it yourself. Seek the professional help of a craftsman who can repair the quality stitching and lining, or reach out to the manufacturer for guidance.

5. Avoid stuffing it full

To prevent the leather, full-grain or buff, from bulging and stretching, keep the minimal amount of items in the wallet.

Cards, business cards, and banknotes will be safe and secure, especially with the use of RFID technology, and allow the wallet to keep its natural shape.

If you need to carry additional items, then investing in other quality leather items will not only complete your esteemed look, but will also allow you to carry additional important items.

6. Don’t sit on it

Many gentlemen are in the habit of keeping their wallets in their back pockets. While this can make accessing it easy and quick, it is more advantageous to keep your wallet in the pocket of your jacket or blazer.

Not only will this streamline your suit, removing unsightly bulges, but it will also prevent it from bending out of shape. As well, removing it from this pocket means that your bank and business cards won’t bend over time, keeping everything pristine.

7. Rotate your wallets

A refined gentleman may have more than one wallet in order to make a statement and accessorize other suits.

Not only is this a strong power move, but it also benefits the health of your wallet. Rotating through various wallets means that wear and tear takes longer to show as it is evenly distributed across others.

Your Expert Craftsmen

Taking the proper care of your wallets will not only prolong their life and beauty, but will also inform people about the care and attention you take in yourself and, therefore, your business.

Artizanni real leather, handcrafted wallets are more than a useful tool. They are a statement of illustrious style and power in the workplace and throughout your daily life. Crafted with full-grain cow leather or buff leather combined with high-end stitching, creating vintage or modern styles, the right statement awaits you.

The proper tools and materials will be the deciding factor in how long they will last. Softer clothes, brushes, high-end conditioners, and wax will keep the wallets at their peak, and allow them to function for you while others fade away.

Being mindful to keep the wallets away from high humidity and water, in general, as this will prevent warping and staining.

Exclusively online, visit our store to peruse our products today, or call us at 905-495-0224 and find out how Artizanni products can elevate your style.



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