The Evolution of RFID Wallets
April 16, 2024

Technology has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last three decades. Unfortunately, with this development, comes the threat of our personal and financial information being stolen.

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology was created to combat this issue on a personal level by securing the wallets that house our most easily accessible and vulnerable assets: bank cards.

What exactly is RFID technology, though, and why should we even consider it a men’s or women’s fashion necessity? Essentially, it creates a Faraday cage within your wallet, preventing signals from penetrating inside and accessing your cards.

This means that your data cannot be transmitted over the air and leave the safety of your wallet. Read on to learn more!

Radio Frequency Identification

This is the name given to the ingenious technology that uses electromagnetic fields to transmit data and tags, and automatically identify the data stored on our bank cards and our passports.

Originally developed and used in the 1940s for the war, it was a way to identify aircraft and marine ships. Although it was not 100% accurate and often led to “friendly fire”, it evolved to being used for transponders on doors so that you did not need a key for entry.

By the 1990s, it was developed for everyday use as bank cards. However, as this became the standard for containing and transmitting our most important information, RFID skimming evolved. This is the devastating method in which criminals can skim or take the information stored on these cards while only being a few feet away from you.

Such thefts saw the increasing need to protect our data and finances. Therefore, RFID wallets were designed and created.

Michael Faraday and the Faraday Cage

In 1860, scientist Michael Faraday invented the Faraday cage. This was a device composed of metal mesh or metal plates that blocked out electromagnetic frequencies and radio waves, therefore providing security for certain devices.

Initially, this device was built on a large scale, but the technology has proven so useful that over the next century, the design was perfected and reduced in size. This has given us the power to create smaller versions for use in wallets to protect our valuable information.

1999: New Technologies

The turn of the century and the dawn of a new millennium saw technology develop at a faster rate than in previous years.

This is also the year in which Bluetooth technology became available and gave way to the creation of Wi-Fi in later years. First, being a feature found on cell phones to allow for short-range usage of headphones and other accessories, it raised awareness of potential security issues. This led to the risk of hacked bank cards.

The First RFID-Capable Wallet

The first RFID-capable wallet was created in 2005. This landmark invention opened the door to widespread use and a decrease in RFID skimming.

However, as tech was still new, it took a lot of effort to carry the wallet around. The technology proved that it worked and was therefore necessary, but further changes needed to be made to make these wallets more user-friendly.

Slimmed-Down RFID Wallets

Research was done to see what people wanted from their wallets. What was more of a concern: size and style, or security? There was no clear answer. Style and security were equally top priorities, so there needed to be a way for both factors to be incorporated.

Big and bulky wallets needed to slim down, and RFID technology had to be incorporated. This saw the dawn of the metal wallet. With an accordion-like inside to hold all the important cards (which, when opened, would fan out), its metal components created security.

However, there was little in the way of style, and these wallets often went in and out of fashion, despite being functional.

Other Wallet Materials

More material options besides metal needed to be available for wallets. Fabric and leather wallets had to step up their game and incorporate RFID technology into their products.

Fabric options are now available on the market but don’t always stand up to consistent use and can disintegrate quickly. While they do house RFID technology well and are functional, you may need to replace them more frequently.

Incorporating Style, Function, and Security

For durable, long-lasting, and stylish options, leather wallets and travel accessories are the answer.

Hand-crafted and created using full-grain leather, these desirable and sturdy products integrate style with technology to keep all your data and information safe and secure.

Beautifully crafted with strong and high-end stitching, there is a wallet for you that will repel any skimming attempt. Specialized RFID-blocking inner lining protects your credit card information on the inside as well as outside against data theft.

RFID products are not just for wallets; travel accessories also come equipped with this unique and necessary feature. Soft and elegant, they combine minimalism with high fashion. Multi-card cases, bi-fold wallets, and bi-fold travel wallets are made from full-grain leather and are the accessories every gentleman and esteemed lady of high-fashion needs.

Artizanni: Combining Security and Craftsmanship

Artizanni takes your style and security very seriously. We combine our expert craftsmanship with the newest in RFID technology to protect your assets. Built into your accessory, RFID technology is now so discreet that you will never know it is there while keeping your cards safe.

Whatever your style, Artizanni has just the right accessory for you. From vintage to modern, everything is hand-crafted to perfection. With sleek and durable stitching, elegant linings, and genuine leather made to keep up with your busy life and demanding career, these full-grain cow leather products are just what you need.

Being exclusively online, please take a moment to browse through our products and be safe in the knowledge that they all come equipped with RFID technology, so no matter who you are shopping for, any card stored will be safe and protected.

You can also call us at 905-495-0224 and find out how Artizanni products can elevate your style while keeping you secure.



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